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Reflection Paper On How We Covered Through Class And How I...

This paper is to talk about the different topics we covered in class and how we personally worked with them. These topics were communication, collaboration, problem solving skills, and ethics and organizational skills. All of these skills are important when in class and everyday life and this paper helps to describe facts and my thoughts on how we used them throughout this class. I did research on each of the topics, added some of their research and what I took from the research. I talk about how we used each of these in our weekly assignments along with our group assignment which took all of the topics to finish. These topics are important to use in any situation to get to a good outcome. In my opinion, it wouldn’t be possible to get to a final conclusion that everyone agreed on without using all of these skills during the process. This class has taught me a lot about to be a great student. I did struggle through a few of our assignments but in the end I am proud of the work I’ve done and am happy with my final grades. Most of the class we discussed communication. I am pretty good at communicating with friends, coworkers, families, etcetera but I did struggle a little when it came to online communication. I tend to be a person that needs everything shown and explained to me in person. Clarity is important to me otherwise I start to second guess myself. According to the staff writers from, there are seven C’s of communication. The first one beingShow MoreRelatedAnalyzing A Past Experience From Your Personal History Through The Lens Of What You Have Learned1835 Words   |  8 PagesPapers: Part 1 -- Submission Papers are assigned in Unit 4 and Unit 10 of your online course. You must complete prerequisite activities before these assignments are available for your completion. Paper s should be 3-4 pages, double-spaced, 10-12 point font, and 1-inch margins. Your grade on the assignment is based on the quality of your submission and the quality of the review you provide your peers. Reflection Paper 1 In this assignment, you will analyze a past experience from your personal historyRead MoreEssay about The Influence of the Common Scotish Life on Robert Burns1353 Words   |  6 Pagesof Scotland. The four main things that influenced his poetry and songs were: his family which includes school, his farming work, the church as an institution and the common Scottish person’s life. This paper will show how these four things influenced his life and writing. For this writer, personally the influences on Robert Burns are interesting since he is my several times great-grandfather. Both my maternal grandfather`s family and my maternal grandmother`s family are from Ayrshire, Scotland, inRead MoreA Reflection On My Expectations Of The Course, Assignments, Presentations , And Projects2415 Words   |  10 PagesLeadership Insights Reflection Paper This reflective paper will give me the chance to look back upon all the assignments, presentations, and projects that I completed in RMG925: Leading in Retail Service Organizations this winter semester. Throughout this paper I hope to showcase my expectations of the course, concerns and problems that I faced, strategies I took, and the many things I’ve learned. Additionally, throughout the paper I want to share my thoughts and opinions of the course, assignmentsRead MoreThe Fight For Bilingual Education Essay2376 Words   |  10 PagesEducation (University of North Texas Press, 2004). †¢ Tejano Proud: Tex Mex Music in the 20th Century (Texas AM University Press, 2002). †¢ Brown, Not White: School Integration and the Chicano Movement (Texas AM University Press, 2001). †¢ Let all of Them Take Heed: Mexican Americans and the Quest for Educational Equality (University of Texas Press, 1987; reissued by Texas AM University Press, 2001). With all of Guadalupe’s accomplishment’s he is also a college professor at the University of HoustonRead MoreDISSERTATION21474 Words   |  86 PagesAlthough I have always liked to use authentic materials in class, I had never had the opportunity to make a survey and find out if there were real benefits in the ESL classroom. This research was aimed to find out how learners accept authentic materials and the benefits obtained in their learning process. The results of the investigation allowed me to observe how meaningful the activities were, as well as how motivated the students felt in their learning process. Firstly, I define what I mean byRead MoreProfessional School Counseling3972 Words   |  16 PagesAbstract Over the years experts have studied the history and developmental aspects of the professional school counseling field. This paper will give an introduction to professional school counseling and the importance of the field as it relate to counseling. Major themes that are attached to the field of professional school counseling are relevant in their duties and a few are listed with their meaning, important identified clients, what counselors do to help in the situation, and the outcome forRead MoreSouthwest Airlines Strategic Planning Final Course Project4334 Words   |  18 Pages2013 Introduction The intent of this paper it to define critical concepts of strategic planning with Southwest Airlines (SWA) top management and how their organization pursued choices and different strategies to run the business by using superior performance employees that gave them a competitive advantage over their competitors. I will concentrate on the thirteen strategic staffing decisions that are critical for any organization to be successful. I will also emphasis the knowledge, skills,Read MoreBusiness Ethics9512 Words   |  39 PagesETHICS LEARNING PORTFOLIO 2011 This learning portfolio is a summary of my learning journey of Business ethics in last four months. It is a formal academic document prepared with diverse events that I have learned from all the resources in and around me. By writing and presenting this portfolio, I have achieved the unit outcomes of Business Ethics 657. Deepak Kuriacose Student ID: 14211825 Unit Coordinator: Dr .David Pick 23/05/2011 BUSINESS ETHICS: Portfolio Navigation page StructureRead MoreTim Cook6393 Words   |  26 PagesAnnexure - ‘ N ’ SYLLABUS ENTREPRENUERSHIP (066) CLASS-XII (2012-13) THEORY : Total marks:70 Unit I: * * * * * * Entrepreneurial Opportunities and Enterprise Creation20 Marks Sensing Entrepreneurial Opportunities Environment Scanning Market Assessment Identification of Entrepreneurial Opportunities Selection of an Enterprise Steps in setting up of an Enterprise Unit II: Enterprise Planning and Resourcing * * * Business Planning - Preparation of a Project Report Resource AssessmentRead MoreMastering Graduate Studies 1e32499 Words   |  130 Pagesshape it into a lifetransforming and world-impacting endeavor. This first chapter will deal with the big-picture understanding of where you are going and the fundamental components of success in this environment. You will gain an understanding of how your purpose, Grand Canyon University’s educational format, and the essential areas of personal responsibility will propel you forward into your future. by Todd Forrest Finding Your Purpose â€Å"What do you want to be when you grow up?† Do you remember

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