Saturday, December 21, 2019

Ethical And Logical Stand Point On Future Humanity

Throughout our course of the DHC Integrated Learning, the terminology used can help one determine whether or not the two worlds that Huxley and Wells have presented are an ethical and logical stand point on future humanity. In Brave New World, they are creating gametes in dishes and growing â€Å"perfect† humans that are genetically modified to serve society in a certain way, in a certain class system. Once children are born they go through a conditioning process that gives them psychological ideas in what to do and what not to do within their society. They are shocked and listen to recordings in their sub-conscious state of mind. Once they grow up they know why they were born and what they are set out to do in the society. In The Island of Dr.†¦show more content†¦Wells’ society would not be an accurate portrayal of a good society either. Splicing genes in order to create a beast like human, is dehumanizing to the human population and to the beast like humans. The beasts are treated with a lack of respect and are considered less by the leaders of the island. This idea of humanity is unnatural and would not survive as a society. Both of these societies worked so well in these books, due to walls being built and living on an island. There was not outside influence to change what they believed humanity â€Å"really is.† The only time that an outside influence came into play, was when Lenina and Bernard went to the savage camp and saw what the â€Å"outside world† was doing with their own humanity, after that they started to question what humanity really is. Prendick was from the outside world as well. He too developed a curiosity of what humanity may be. Having that outside influence makes the cast system, and the dystopian vs. utopian idea of society fail. In the novel Brave New World and The Island of Dr. Moreau, one can see the contribution of themes that expand on science and technology. Huxley and Wells created this world where science is the ruler of one’s destiny. One advancement of science and technology is presented in Brave New World. Soma was a drug used to relax and rely on senses in the body instead of outside

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